Why recovery care should begin with Nocita™ (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension)

See the benefits of addressing acute surgical pain with a long-acting local anesthetic.¹

All surgeries result in some degree of tissue trauma and associated pain.

There is a need to provide analgesia for at least 72 hours postoperative, covering the critical inflammatory phase of wound healing. While pain can be controlled in the clinic, once patients return home, typically within 24 to 48 hours post-op, pain control can be more challenging.

Three reasons to minimize acute post-surgical pain:

1.   Pain delays healing and return to function

2.  Unmanaged acute pain can lead to chronic maladaptive pain

3.  Ethical obligation to minimize pain and suffering

Local anesthetics (LAs) are one of the most effective means of preventing transduction and transmission of pain signals, in part because LAs are the only class of drug that can render complete analgesia. They:

• Block sodium channels on the nerve cell membrane

• Prevent propagation of action potentials (pain signals)

• Are considered safe, with side effects generally limited to very high doses, and do not appear to delay tissue healing

Most LA formulations have some limitations:

• Short duration of action (less than eight hours) limits duration of pain relief and may increase the need for  additional pain interventions such as opioids

• Lack of technical instructions for effective use

• Complications of indwelling soaker catheters

"Game changer. That is probably the most common term used in conjunction with Nocita. You have 100% compliance because you, as the surgeon, actually give the medication. You know it's there and it lasts up to 72 hours.

                                                              - SHEILAH ROBERTSON,BVMS (HONS), PHD, DACVAA, 

                                                                                   DECVAA, DACAW, DECAWBM, MRCVS

                                                                                      LAP OF LOVE VETERINARY HOSPICE


 For single-dose infiltration into the surgical site to provide local postoperative analgesia for cranial cruciate ligament surgery in dogs. For use as a peripheral nerve block to provide regional postoperative analgesia following onychectomy in cats. 

Important Safety Information: 

Nocita is for use in dogs and cats only. Do not administer concurrently with bupivacaine HCl, lidocaine or other amide local anesthetics. The safe use of Nocita in dogs and cats with cardiac disease or with hepatic or renal impairment has not been evaluated. The safe use in dogs or cats younger than 5 months of age, that are pregnant, lactating, or intended for breeding has not been evaluated. The most common adverse reactions in dogs were discharge from incision, incisional inflammation and vomiting. The most common adverse reactions in cats were elevated body temperature and infection or chewing/licking at the surgical site. Click here for full prescribing information

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