Limitation of lipomobilization

  • Stress reduction / cow comfort
  • B vitamins (niacin, cyanocobalamin)
  • Genetic predisposition of milk lipid synthesis
  • Rumen-protected fatty acids

Lipomobilization is promoted primarily by stress (adrenaline) and a high glucagon:insulin ratio 15Stress reduction is an underestimated measure for limiting lipomobilization.

Insulin applications can likewise limit lipomobilization through a reduction of the glucagon:insulin ratio. The administration of insulin is not approved in every country, however, and also carries the risk of even worse glucose availability for the tissues.

B vitamins can also be used for the prevention and therapy of ketosis:

  • Niacin has an anti-lipolytic activity and positive effects in the rumen 19
  • Cyanocobalamin and biotin are involved in the metabolism of propionate for gluconeogenesis via succinate and the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA)

Certain cows are able to synthesize milk lipids particularly effectively from blood plasma lipids and show a significantly lower prevalence of ketosis. Such cows can be recognized via a high content of glycerophosphocholine in the milk, which may open up the possibility of breeding selection for ketosis resistance 68.

Insulin limits lipomobilization hormonally. Without simultaneous glucose infusion for stabilization of glucose metabolism, however, therapeutic insulin administration is contraindicated. In some countries administration of insulin to cows is not permitted.

  • Far-off/close-up feeding

    Stress reduction

    Cow comfort

    Insulin (dangerous side-effects, banned in some markets, only with concomitant glucose infusion)

* see also our references page

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