On-chute technology and equipment system created for feedyards to automate cattle sorting. Backed by sound research and built for the toughest environments.

PenPoint is designed to classify, sort and project cattle to ensure uniformity in days to market or future compositional endpoints, resulting in improved profits. It is the result of extensive research, development and testing. PenPoint simplifies the difficult task of objectively measuring and sorting cattle

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Would you like to gain an additional $10–$40 per head?

Classifying, sorting and projecting incoming animals into homogenous feeding groups, and ensuring the groups are fed to optimal end weight has demonstrated a significant impact of $10-$40/head.1 A controlled research study of 12,874 randomized steers fed in 48 pens over eight months was utilized to confirm this additional value.

The Value of Sorting and Placement with PenPoint

Produces both increased live and hot carcass weights.

More consistent size and composition at market.

When sold on a grid, these attributes deliver more premiums and less discounts.

When sold live, cattle return more value due to increased live weight.

How It Works

Animal enters chute fitted with PenPoint measurement equipment. Individual weights and external measurements are captured.

Captured data points are instantly fed to the PenPoint data management software.

A projected optimum target finish weight, estimated daily growth and days to reach the target finish weight are calculated.

PenPoint controllers utilize this information to support catch and release functions of your squeeze chute.

Part of our expanded offering

Elanco is committed to the health and success of cattle operations by providing resources, tools and products to manage key diseases, optimize productivity and minimize parasite impact.

Benchmark Database

Elanco works with Benchmark members using insightful analytics and expertise to identify opportunities enabling maximum profit discovery.

Liver-Check Service

In-plant harvest checks assign liver-abscess classifications to help feedyards better understand the incidence, severity and economic impact of liver condemnation due to abscesses or flukes.

1 Data source: Based on analysis of 20,160,043 head of steers and heifers from Elanco’s Benchmark database Nov. ‘17 to Oct. ‘20.

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