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Working Together for Food Safety

Poultry processing plants do a tremendous job as the last line of defense, but too much Salmonella can stress the effectiveness of in-plant interventions. Live-side solutions, such as Salmonella vaccines, can help reduce Salmonella loads earlier in the process, so the entire burden doesn't fall on in-plant interventions.

Leading the Shared Effort to Control Salmonella

It takes the entire poultry industry — both live-side and processing — working together to best protect consumers from the devastating effects of Salmonella. That's why Elanco works closely with integrated poultry companies to help reduce Salmonella at the source: the farm.

Elanco's team of food safety experts can help poultry processors evaluate and implement comprehensive safety protocols, including pre-harvest interventions such as Salmonella vaccines.

Salmonella Vaccines — 

An Effective Weapon in the Fight

When used as part of a comprehensive food safety strategy, Salmonella vaccines have proven to reduce Salmonella in birds being processed. That's especially true of Salmonella B and D serotypes, which are the most harmful to humans and hardest to eliminate with in-plant interventions.

Salmonella vaccines use tiny doses of weakened or killed (inactivated) bacteria to stimulate the birds' immune response and create a natural defense against the bacteria.

Dr. Beth Krushinskie, a food safety industry consultant, shares how Salmonella vaccines work to help reduce Salmonella contamination.

Salmonella Vaccines Are Safe and Effective

Administering vaccines to breeders and their progeny reduced the overall prevalence of Salmonella by 43% in more than 3,800 hot-rehang and part rinse samples during a two-year period.

Administering Salmonella vaccines to breeders and their progeny significantly reduced the combined prevalence of highly pathogenic serotypes B and D by 26.3% over a two-year period tracking more than 3,800 hot-rehang and part rinse samples.


It takes the entire poultry industry working together to prevent a devastating Salmonella outbreak. Elanco offers these resources to help start conversations with your live-side production counterparts about reducing Salmonella loads in live birds. And the Elanco team of food safety experts and veterinary consultants are ready to help facilitate these discussions.

  • E-book explaining the role Salmonella vaccines play in helping reduce the amount of Salmonella contamination brought to the processing plant.
  • Industry survey exploring the live-side production role in controlling Salmonella.
  • Field research report on the efficacy of Salmonella vaccines.

Salmonella eBook

Salmonella survey

Salmonella vaccine field research report

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