Let your herd management software talk to the Cowdition app from Bayer Animal Health!

The Cowdition app is a great tool to gather Body Condition Score information from your dairy cows. Now it has become even easier to use the Cowdition app: You can easily import the cow information you have already collected inside your herd management software into the Cowdition app.

The result: No double data entry needed!

Here is how you get started:

A) If your herd is not connected to the Dairy Data Warehouse platform follow the steps below.

  • Click on the hyperlink below and download the farm data uploader tool onto the computer where your herd management software is located.
  • Follow the installation and configuration wizard to enable the linke between your herd management software and the Cowdition app
  • A list of the dairy cows registered in your herd management software will appear in your Cowdition app. After the first sync it may take several hours until the information is visible in your Cowdition app. Just give us a bit of time to get everything ready for you.
  • You can then edit any cows you have already stored inside the application and match them to the cows out of your herd management software. All future data such as calving dates will be automatically updated from the herd management software into your Cowdition app.
  • If you want to add new cows for body condition scoring, no additional data entry is needed. Just pick the cow you would like to score from the list. Happy scoring!


B) If your herd is already connected to the Dairy Data Warehouse platform and the farm data uploader tool is installed on your farm software PC follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the tool bar on your computer and click on the DDW farm data uploader symbol.
  • Retrieve the installation code and paste it into the Cowdition app on your mobile phone.
  • You are all set! Just give us a bit of time to get everything ready for you. Happy scoring!


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